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"Break the barriers and unite the human race"

This website is for a common man "Aam Admi" , and is written in very simple language so that language should not be a barrier.

Peolpe always tend to think that the life is a race, where either you are a winner or a looser. But , since my Spiritual awakening and Soul Karma Practise has started, i have found the truth of Life. It's an experience to be availed at every point of time. One is always a winner, no matter what they do, where they live.

At Soulmantra we all are united as a family "SOUL FAMILY" .All our members are highly experienced and tend to share their experiences of their journey.

We have been working since 2012. Till today 25,000 people have joined us through online courses.

Planning to study abroad? Waiting for a promotion since years? Want to be a millionare? Want a life partner?Get rid of toxic people ? .... and so on .whatever be the problem ; you can conquer the power to resolve each and every issue in your life.

Be your own boss .How?? Just by joining our online courses. Each course will is desinged by our expert Soul Caoch Mrs Shilpa K .

Through our online courses you can learn to encash the opportunity to lead a happy and peaceful life , of which you always dreamed.

At Soulmantra we will  guide you first how to recognise and control your powers , and  than use it to solve your problems . At Gratitude Soulmantra we will part our knowledge about how to use"The Power" of magical gratitude , happiness and joy to lead a successful life.



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